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Karl and all,

My source for photos of standard gauge ET&WNC equipment if from Ken Marsh of
Kingsport, TN. (PO BOX 3712, Kingsport,Tn, 37664). Ken has Photos of most
standard gauge steam and diesel power. From him I recently got #207, 208, 209,
210 and 211. He has #212, 204, 205, and 206 as well. All are 8X10 Black and
White and are available for $3.50 each with a 4 print minimum order. His photos
of the RS3's were taken between their arrival in 1968 and 1970 and they both
were in Southern Railway colors. (i.e. Black with an Imitation Aluminum stripe
with gold pinstripe and lettering in Southern style.) I have heard people
wrongly assumed ET&WNC became a Southern subsidiary, but these are just the
colors they arrived in as they were ex-CofG / ex- Southern. The abandoned #210
that so many of us have photographed was painted in the orange and black scheme
in the early 1970's. I have a color scan of an operational #210 in orange and
black and #209 in Southern colors as well, but must get permission to post it
to the list from the owner. Does anyone know if #209 was also painted in this
scheme? I can't tell from Chris Ford's distant shot on the Slim Rails Web page.
The orange and black just happen to be the school colors of the Elizabethton
High School Cyclones, I doubt this is a coincidence. Oh yes, the new RS3 book
shows an operational ET&WNC #210 in orange and black.

The later ex-SP RS32s were also painted in a variation of this orange and black
scheme. Ken's 1980 photo of #211 shows a black locomotive with orange stripe
and bibs on each end unlike the RS3s which only had the bib on the long hood
end. The letter type on the roadname is also no longer of Southern influence
being more block in style. Ken stated 212 also carried this scheme, but he
didn't get it photographed until it was relettered "ET"

As for what equipment these loco's pulled, basically anything. My Clinchfield
waybills show Clinchfield Covered hoppers being loaded in Elizabethton, and
Clinchfield box cars going to Tri-State Container (Now Inland Container). I
have no waybills for NARC or Bemberg, but I know they recieved coal and chemical
tank cars. I have seen photos of ET&WNC equipment pulling Clinchfield hoppers as
well as Southern equipment . I think some of my waybills show C&O and L&N
hoppers finding their way to Elizabethton as well. I'm sure Tri-State recieved
box cars from just about any road imaginable in the 1960's Hope this helps, but
I think you have a lot of room here.

Have Fun

Mike Basktte

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