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Well, I finally updated our web page. It looks better... it loads faster
... click on the small picture and see the larger one (that takes a little
The picts aren't quite as good as before -- to make it fast, you sacrifice
some quality.
Sorry there is no new ET&WNC stuff on there - we are trying to build our
layout for the 2000 St. Louis National Narrow Gauge Meet ( or the Colorado
Narrow Gauge Meet -- if you know what I mean). Well, our layout will be ET
and EBT and Pennsy and ?? Clinchfield. Any donations of Clinchfield
Challengers are readily accepted. We will have a bit of Cotton Belt... how
did that get into Tennessee.... well, in reality, you recognize that the UP
IS everywhere -- not just West.
Anyway, we hope to do Linville Depot in 1999.
www.tiac.com/users/lwalker (that's L Walker) /wcm/wcm.html Don't fuss
about the name, it's free to me... (you can get it from Yahoo by searching
for Webster Classic Models (that's not hard).
Les Walker (and Mary Jo) dba Webster Classic Models

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