The in crowd is not crowded enuf!!

Ken Riddle <ken290@...>

Glad to see all the responses from the group--where are the rest of you???

I didn't join the society until just this last year but I guarantee you it
is a good bunch of people.

We have over 100 people on this discussion group and I want to get something
started that does not involve paint color or combine 15, currently a
political prisoner in flat country (sorry couldn't help myself)

I want to talk up next year's convention. Let's do something completely

How about some stuff on the standard gauge??

Could probably do a trip in the gorge on Sunday AM with Rachel--what ya

Let's start talking about it, set it up, and get the word out and really
have a good one!

I want to get all the families of the ET&WNC men together for a picnic in
the spring of next year. We will be in all the local papers rounding up

Would you like to have that in conjunction with the ETWNCHS convention??

Come on you all!!!! Let's talk about it and get something going!
Ken Riddle

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