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What is your main interest in the ET&WNC?? Is it history? Is it modeling?
Is it narrow gauge? Picture collecting?
My main interest is the White Pass & Yukon Route. I joined the historical society about 1989, (a year after it started). I like all narrow gauge except for the Colorado stuff as there is really very little left to discover about it. Another reason I enjoy the ET group and society so much, is that east TN and western NC are a LOT closer to Florida than Skagway, AK. I have been to several conventions over the years, (1991,1996, 2000) and I rode the passenger special between JC and E'ton in 1995.

The White Pass had the ET's 10 and 14 as well as a tankcar or two during WWII, (along with K-28's, C&S #69 & 70, some SN locos and two SV locos to name a few). So here again I'm interested.

I model in HOn3, and have a layout under way, no track down yet. So with a little modeler's licence, I have an ET & WNC gondola to pull behind a WP&YR GE class 90 diesel.
I know, I know!! ...The 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak diesel.
But in the Book of Narrow Guage, He adds: ...Unless it be three feet between thine rails.

Overall, I have enjoyed the Society and it's doings immensely, I always look forward to the Stemwinder and it's tails from a simpler time. This list is the greatest though, we get to share info and insight so quickly. Through the list I have gotten to better know people I had only met at the conventions or special occations. I really like that aspect as I believe that we have the best group out there. (Don't believe me?? Just subscribe to the EBT list and read all their nit-picky gripes, kinda like Bill Cosby's kids: Wouldyoustoptouchingme!!!)

Robert Bell
Division Chief,
White Pass & Yukon Route,
Greenwood Division
Port St. John, FL

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