Re: Obtaining isues of "The Stemwinder"

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Hi Ed,
IMHO you should contact John Waite[his address is given in the
Stemwinder] as he is the Editor and Publisher
of "THE STEMWINDER".He may have some back issues for sale that you need or
point you in the direction to locate them.You might also find them in a
library such as ETSU.I dont know if copyright laws would apply if u
photocopy them
for your own use but John should be able to help you in that area also.

Good luck,

Bill White

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I have a question with regarding "The Stemwinder". While I have all
after mid-1996, prior to that date I have very few. Ideally, I would like
purchase as many of those missing ones as possible to assemble a full set.
If this turns out to impractical, I can photocopy the issues not otherwise
available. Photocopying such issues should not be a substantial
To be honest, I am not sure of what approach to take to locate and
the ones I need. What advice could any of you give regarding this matter?

Thanks in advance for your anticipated assistance.

Most Cordially,

Ed Faggart
Lincolnton, NC

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