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<< The buddies did a great job of talking to each>> From Richard Barnes
responing to Joley Ferguson's "I'm not in the "in crowd"?"

I share the feeling. Attended an annual meeting as a new member some years
back and was engaged in conversation only by my own initative throughout the
weekend. No one seemed interested in who I was or what my interest might be

Spent THE two days at the Gorge with Rachel and was kindly ignored by even
The President. Learned later that 'Members of the Historical Society' got
together Monday morning. Somehow the invitation sailed by my door though I
was staying in nearby Elizabethton.

Having put 70 years into volunteer organizations and institutions I have
learned that until you push your way into "the group" that sees itself as
being the core, you will always be on the fringe.

So I attend these meetings and utilize these lists knowing that for the most
part I shall be overlooked. Not intentionally ignored, mind you, just
overlooked due to the press of other concerns that preoccupy the agendas of
those in the know!

It is not all wasted and don't let yourelf become upset about it. We do
manage to pilfer a lot of good information from 'their' discussions. And,
what the hell, if you do get warmly recognized, welcomed and responded to,
you'll be nominated for office and become one of them! (Tongue in cheek -
Heh, Heh, Heh)

Blessing+ Charlie IBCS

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