ETNC Standard Gauge Paint Schemes

Franklin West <mwest4@...>

I'll ask the standard gauge question again since we are off zip drives,
whatever they are!

When the ETWNC standard gauge engines were painted green, were the
boilers painted, too, or were they planished? Were the cab roofs ever
painted red either under green or black paint? Were the smokeboxes
graphited or aluminum painted and were the windows trimmed in red? Were
the drivers trimmed in silver or white? What color were their zip
I am modifying a Buddy "L" 4-6-2 engine in 5/8 scale to a ETWNC 2-8-0
and want to be reasonably accurate.

Second question is on the 215 Diesel on the ET Rwy. The lettering is
different on each side. Eng side says East Tennesse Rail and Fireman
side says East Tennessee Railway. Is there a reason for this difference
and which is the correct lettering?
There is also a gold stripe surrounding the engine just below the engine
hood. Was that gold stripe a Southern Rwy marking or added by ET Rwy? I
am considering modifying a USA Trains NW2 in Southern colors to ET

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