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Hi Mark,
You wrote>>>>We take a dim view of people just showing up and
wandering around, especially on weekends, <<<<<Do you NOT allow hikers
to hike the Gorge anymore on weekends???I recall that in the past that one
could just sign the permission/release slip at the caretaker's place and
therefore be able to hike on weekends if camp wasn't in session.Are you now
closed to the public on weekends?Bill White...Greeneville Hiking Club

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OK here's one - when driving along 19A (believe thats the rite hiway)
Elizabethton toward Boone, how do you know where to turn off road to go
camp and see gorge - is it on rite or left headed east and what are
- will be coming that way again sometime and have something for Johnny
copy. Would like to see progress to date - not sure when but just figure
John Fisher
When driving 19E from Eliz enroute to Boone, you come though the gap into
Hampton and 321 turns left toward Boone. A Texaco station is on the
corner. Don't turn, but continue on 19E exactly one more mile. DRG road
is on the left, just past the entrance to the "Sawmill Outlet", also on
left. Office is about half mile up the road, next to the caboose, where
you should park and check in.

The office is open weekdays 8:30 to 5:00. If you will come at another
time, write me off-line when you think you'll be coming so we can try to
have somebody here to let you in and show you around. We take a dim view
of people just showing up and wandering around, especially on weekends, as
we usually have guest groups using the property.


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