Re: Zip drives vs. CD-RW

Mark Milbourne

At 02:19 PM 10/29/00 -0500, Kenneth A. Clark wrote:
Johnny and others,

I strongly urge you to consider re-writable CD-ROM drives before investing
"" drive.
I would concur with Ken. ZIPs work fine, but a CD-RW is a better long-term
solution for about the same overall cost and "more portable" in that
distribution of info is much easier because just about everyone has a CD
drive now. ZIPs are very common, but not as common as CD-ROMs.

Beware that many older (generally less than 24x) CD-ROMs cannot read CD-RW
discs due to lower levels of reflectivity in the rewritable disks, but
you'll probably be mostly using the cheaper CD-R (write once) disks which
apparently are very compatible with all but the very oldest CD-ROM drives.

We recently got a CD-RW here and the bundled Adaptec DirectCD software is
indeed a snap to use.

The only advantage of a Zip that I can see is if you need to move data
around to machines without a CD drive. An external zip can be plugged into
any parallel port and brought online with the "guest" software. But if you
don't need to do that, go for the CD-RW.


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