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Hi Ken,
Being that u issued an invitation to respond here goes my
I have been a member of the ET&WNC RR HS for several years but
am a NEW member of this list... like Oct 15 when Johnny told me how to get
on it at the Gorge so this is my first post.
I enjoy railroading as a railfan mostly a steam fan however.I
also am into the history of it as I also have a family connection through my
grandfather who was a Fireman on the ET&WNC circa 1905-1910.[He died in
1949]Unfortunately I have only a few hand me down stories about his RR days
from the family plus my Dad & I visited Cy Crumley several years ago after
he retired and he remembered him and said they called him"Uncle Grant" on
the RR.SO,any help in finding pictures or info on him will be appreciated.
I also collect RR artifacts & am especially interested in Steam
so anyone that wants to part with an ET&WNC Whistle PLEASE CALL as I would
pay at least $1.98 for one.LOL
I also hope to do some volunteer work at the Gorge so please keep me advised
on what days you plan to work there.BTW I live in Greeneville,TN.
Best regards,Bill White

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OK boys here's one I'd like to see! Everybody's got to respond--

What is your main interest in the ET&WNC?? Is it history? Is it
Is it narrow gauge? Picture collecting?

I know Johnny and John Waite are both doing books on the ET&WNC. Tuhr
has made the most fantastic model of No. 5 in Sn3 I ever saw. Tim Smith is
the regular engineer of No 12 at Tweetsie Railroad and No 2 on the ET&WNC
Doe River Gorge. Couple of you all are into garden railroads.
Anybody into the standard gauge?? How about the real old days, pre-1900??

I got into it through family connections. I am not an ET&WNC modeler, but
do have a couple of live steamers. I guess my main interest was sending
with the railroad men that worked there and I was lucky enough to have
a great many of them.

How bout it guys--start posting!!
Ken Riddle

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