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Ken Riddle <ken290@...>

Ken, that is quite a lil' pot you got there, (the fireless at the gorge,
not your belly), I got some photos of it. What is it's story??

My belly may be bigger than the engine the way it is going!!

That thing came from the 2 foot guys up at the Bucksgahuda & Western in St
Marys, PA. It originally was built for Apache Powder in Arizona.

Mark Milbourne found out about it and my partner in Little River, Harry
Kidwell, and I bought it. It was way too cheap for a steam locomotive of
any type. It is compplete and appears to have been overhauled in 1943 and
never run.

I got the Tweetsie guys to tear into in preparation for the Oct 16
celebration but Rachel came along and handled th job.

Right now she is pretty much ready to go as soon as I bring a couple of
steel bars to the Tweetsie guys.

We may run her a little on air but the plan is to bush the cylinders to 7"
(they are 10 x 10 now)and put a boiler on her something like the "Ooloma" in
the Smithsonian or Ward Kimball's "Chloe". I will get around to it

Ken Riddle

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