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Ken Riddle <ken290@...>

OK boys here's one I'd like to see! Everybody's got to respond--

What is your main interest in the ET&WNC?? Is it history? Is it modeling?
Is it narrow gauge? Picture collecting?

I know Johnny and John Waite are both doing books on the ET&WNC. Tuhr Barnes
has made the most fantastic model of No. 5 in Sn3 I ever saw. Tim Smith is
the regular engineer of No 12 at Tweetsie Railroad and No 2 on the ET&WNC at
Doe River Gorge. Couple of you all are into garden railroads.
Anybody into the standard gauge?? How about the real old days, pre-1900??

I got into it through family connections. I am not an ET&WNC modeler, but I
do have a couple of live steamers. I guess my main interest was sending time
with the railroad men that worked there and I was lucky enough to have known
a great many of them.

How bout it guys--start posting!!
Ken Riddle

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