Re: Scenes along the ET&WNC in On30 again...

Dean Smith

    Very nice!  I’m looking forward to seeing the Stoney Creek Branch in person next September.

From: Lee Bishop
Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2021 10:12 PM
Subject: [ETWNC] Scenes along the ET&WNC in On30 again...
A mixed train meets a commuter train at the water tower near Hunter, TN on the Stoney Creek branch...

Elsewhere, Robert Nidiffer digs up some ash near the interchange with the main line to Johnson City.

Residents of Stoney Creek often wonder what he does with the buckets of ash he walks off with, but with wartime rationing in effect, it's one of the few things that is easy to obtain...

Lee Bishop
Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30

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