Re: 1921 "Gearheads" at the Linville Depot on the ET&WNC. From Dr Tom

William Uffelman

Another good one Dr Tom. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Uffelman 

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 8:36 PM, Tom Grabenstein
<tomgmd@...> wrote:
Jethro C. Is so excited about his recent purchase of a used 1913 Cadillac Roadster from over in Johnson City.

So he had to show it off to his buddies. The only place that “Gearheads” hung out in 1921 Linville NC was down at the Depot.

So while he got the ooohs and aaahs he was looking for,Jethro C. needs to clean up the grease from his face and arms as a train with respectable folks is do in any minute.

Back story: This is a Matchbox car I picked up at the NNGC convention in Hickory NC for a few bucks. It was gold and red. So after disassembly and repainting and several mods Jethro C. was able to get it to cruise Linville.

Thanks for looking. Doc Tom

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