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Dean Smith

    As always, your work looks great. Often, nothing looks more like the real thing than the real thing. I love reading about people locating relics of the railroad. My first trip to “Tweetsie Country” was in 1986, when Sandy and I, along with our one-year-old son, Greg, camped in the same spot at Roan Mountain State Park for nearly two weeks. We were required to provide a local address on a form at ETSU to make photocopies, and I proudly wrote “Campsite 23, Roan Mountain State Park.”  One day, we hiked up to the Peg Leg Mine. By looking at the lay of the land near the mine, I noticed a level area branching off of the main trail that looked like it may have been used to spot rail cars back in the day.  It was very wet and swampy, almost like the drainage ditches had been blocked for decades.  Upon closer inspection, I located a couple of very rotten, spongy ties with two railroad spikes still in them.  I wonder if they are still there. I have photos somewhere.  Thanks again for posting about your fine work and for triggering happy memories!

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Ryan, that is a neat story about finding remanents of the original iron ore in the Doe River Gorge.  Must've fallen off the hoppers.
We visited Montgomery Bell State Park here in Tennessee. There are multiple open pit Iron mines that were in use in the 1800s scattered along the hiking trails. My wife and I picked up rocks that we thought were iron ore. However with the magnet they showed no iron. Drat!
Dr. Tom

On Aug 2, 2021, at 3:55 PM, Ryan Rice <whiteonrice04@...> wrote:
Amazing. The level of detail you all go to blows me away. I very much enjoy these photos and updates.
I have found remnants of the original Iron Ore along the tracks in Doe River Gorge. They keep a magnet on the small speeder so you can look for it and check if it is magnetic or not.
I know it is probably common to find it, but I felt compelled to mention that :)
On Mon, Aug 2, 2021 at 4:44 PM Tom Grabenstein <tomgmd@...> wrote:
Hello y’all,
I hope you are enjoying these hot summer days.
Several months ago Mr. Chris Ford was nice enough to send me pictures of the magnetite iron ore mined at Cranberry NC and hauled on our favorite railroad.<image1.jpeg><image2.jpeg>
So I began a long winded search to find something that could represent the pictures to model a load in my completed ET&WNC hopper cars.
I recently stumbled on the real thing, magnetite iron ore on eBay. I was excited and bought several little baggies of the real deal.
With a styrene and sculptamold base I was able to make a removable load for the hopper cars.
I used the incredibly strong 3M spray adhesive to secure the ore to the loads. I did this to keep this real iron product from scattering about the layout and fouling model locomotive electric motors.
Since it is real iron I made a magic wand with a super magnet to make the loads easy to remove.
Quite thrilling to see the first load of real magnetite iron ore making its way to the blast furnace in Johnson City.
Thanks for looking. Doc Tom

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