Re: More progress on an On30 caricature of the Cranberry Iron Mines.

William Uffelman

Great progress!

Bill Uffelman 

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 10:51 PM, Tom Grabenstein
<tomgmd@...> wrote:

Happy first day of spring. Work continues on my On30 rendition of the Cranberry Iron Mines.

Here it is in the “pink and blue  foam” stage a few months back.

This is were we are today:

I had to use a wide angle lens in both pics to get this to fit. O scale is quite large. 

There will be spur tracks and sidings to make this an operating part of the layout. The foam core mockups are stand ins for the planned tipple . Multiple scratch built structures to come with the mounted photo as a backdrop. The photo will be colorized.

Thanks for looking.

Dr Tom

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