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Ryan Rice

What I find interesting is I was born and raised in that area (lived there for 22 years and my sister still lives in my childhood home). Went to Hunter and Unaka High from K-12 and have never heard the names "Winner", "Sadie" or "Buladeen". I'm an 80-90s kid so maybe my generation just didn't use those names as much.
Names I always heard and used are "Hunter", "Blue Springs", "Siam" (which is not really part of Stoney Creek) or "Stoney Creek" and then the individual hollow (holler as it is pronounced there) Hurley Hollow, Blevins Hollow, Peters Hollow, etc.
Google maps also has an area in Siam labeled "Dogtown". I literally never heard that once in my life.

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 1:14 PM Lee Bishop <leebishop1944@...> wrote:
Ryan, my Dad's childhood home was on Hurley Hollow, I went up there every year, growing up. Mom grew up just before the JN Taylor store at Sadie.
As for my camera, I use a Canon Rebel on a tripod of placed on the layout with long exposures (usually around 2 minutes). Most smoke and steam effects you see in those shots were done in the original image, as I hate putting those in with Photoshop later.
Long exposures cure a lot of depth of field issues, and is an old-school method.
Lee Bishop
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