Re: Historical Society newsletters

Lee Bishop

I got mine yesterday and just read it a few moments ago. A few points:
  • I think the decision to pull the plug for the 2021 ET convention was a smart move. No gathering is worth risking not having members show up for ones in the future from getting COVID this year! The 2022 one will on my 22nd anniversary, so I doubt I'd get my wife to sign off on that, and I can't really go to anything like until after we've gone to see my parents and my wife's parents first. Once that happens, though... I do badly want to make one of the ET conventions someday
  • I'd also love to hit the NG convention but that's a no-go for me for the same reasons. Besides, I've been asked to present a clinic and have my layout available for the 2022 NG convention (in Tacoma/Olympia WA), and I really hope to see some of you there
  • Thanks for posting the shot of the coal cute model. I'd always had an issue visualizing what it looked like, so it's cool seeing it overall
  • I had no idea the builder's plate for 6 was still out there. I wish someone would make castings off of it, as I'd buy one for sure!
  • Can't wait to see 505 looking more complete
    Lee Bishop
    Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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