Re: Mohawk Graphics does it again...

Dan Stenger

I would love a hat!



From: "Wendy Banner"
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Sent: Wednesday February 3 2021 11:17:18PM
Subject: Re: [ETWNC] Mohawk Graphics does it again...

This looks like a navy, but the link shows only green and black.

Wendy Banner

From: <> on behalf of Lee Bishop <leebishop1944@...>
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 2:47 PM
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Subject: [ETWNC] Mohawk Graphics does it again...
Just got mine in the mail yesterday. Keep in mind, it's still got the 'in the bag' look as I took this photo:

The embroidery work was good. I'd asked Dal if he could make hats with this and he replied that this was likely going to be next (I asked to make them on adjustable hats that can adjust to bigger noggins like mine; fingers crossed). If he made hats with the logo above that would fit, I'd probably buy extra ones just in case!
I'm not shilling for Dal, I don't know him other than emails we've swapped on his products, but he's been very receptive to ET&WNC swag. Could someone make a mention of his gear in the next newsletter maybe?
I think we should let others know, as I can't be the only person out there who'd buy this stuff if they were aware of it.
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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