Better pilots for Bachmann ten-wheelers?

Lee Bishop

I recently started looking at the pilots on the Bachmann ten-wheelers in On30, and noticed they don't match the photos I have of the real engines in service. I'm not sure what they used for the design, perhaps as they got shipped from Baldwin? They sure don't meet what they looked like in the 40s and 50s.

If I could figure out the angles and measurements, I'd love to make some of my own, but that'd be a lot of work (and I'd have to take into account the difference between On30 coupler height compared to the real scale height).
Anyone here wanna try to take this on as a 3D print? I don't have the skills, software or experience to try that myself.
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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