Re: "Bull O'Woods" makes an appearance in Linville North Carolina.

Tom Grabenstein

Thanks guys. More to come.  Doc Tom

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Looks good sir!

Bill Uffelman

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Looks Great Doc Tom...Keep ‘em coming as I really enjoy seeing your progress...and stories...makes me want to get back into modeling when I return from Australia.

Take care

Tuhr Barnes

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“Bull O’ Woods”, or in flat lander English “Bull of the Woods”, makes an appearance at the Linville Depot and rail road yard (such as it is). This ancient 19th century Climax is kept running by one of the logging railroads near Linville North Carolina. It will make a few dollars for the outfit by dropping a load of logs for the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR by way of a little used spur track outside of Linville.

The logs will head down the line to the sawmills and furniture factories served by the ET & WNC. The finished products will fetch a lot more dollars when shipped and sold to the good folks of the Eastern USA.

Thanks for looking. 

Doc Tom

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