Re: ET&WNC conductor hat badge?

Lee Bishop

I'm very familiar with them and have several of their pins, but I think they only make really small stuff and 3D oriented. I contacted them with the photo above, asking if they could (hey, you never know), or know someone who can.
This is very old and simple technology, I'm sure there must be someplace out there that'll do it. Heck, though I'd rather it be a perfect replica, I'd accept something a little different, as I just want something to put on my conductor hat,
BTW, see the chinstrap on my own hat? That came off my Army service hat as I didn't like the twisted yellow yarn one that comes with the 'conductor' style ones. Heck, I hardly ever wore that hat on active duty (I can count the number of times I had to wear my Class As with just my figures and have some left over), so it might as well be seen after all these years in the same box, right?
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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