Locomotive Series Underway

Curtis Brookshire

I wish to direct your attention to the Sep/Oct 2020 issue of the NG&SL Gazette. A new series begins here surveying ET&WNC motive power. This issue features 2-6-0's 1 & 2 with photos, line drawings - including one in color - plus an article by our distinguished ET&WNC history professor Johnny Graybeal. If yours hasn't come in the mail yet, keep an eye out. If you don't subscribe, here's a good reason to and by all means pick up a copy. Here's a good introduction to ET&WNC motive power and history. If you want more, there's a book series by Tarheel Press you might also investigate. IMHO, must-have information for students of the ET&WNC.

Happy Labor Day
Curtis Brookshire
Pine Level NC

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