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We visited the coaster last week but left as we felt uncomfortable standing in line with all those people.  About 30 min after we left, the lightning struck. 

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I too am baffled. The Alpine Coaster located in Banner Elk has been wide open until a week ago when lightning shut that facility down. If the coaster can run why can’t Tweetsie?? Granted the coaster car only holds one person, the facility that services the patrons to board and unboard the cars has the customer packed in like a sardine can!! I am sure Tweetsie was taking great care to protect their customers. 

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Yeah... Unfortunately, I heard the bad news. I'm honestly rather baffled by it, as it was the state who gave them permission to run the train in the first place. Hopefully, they won't have to remain this way and they'll be able to reopen again and possibly rescind some of the cancellations. Luckily, I made it out there on July 26th, and I had a blast! Here's hoping it won't be the only time I get to go this year!

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