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Chris Ford

The ET had ballast?    :)

Kidding, of course. I'd say most of the ballast we've seen on hikes is tailings from the mine...which included a lot of black. But it also seemed to be on the small side compared to ballast we'd see on a "standardl" railroad. Some medium and dark gray mixed in with the black. Think of the rock colors you see over at Cranberry and that's the color of the ballast. I suspect they used that for ballast almost from the get-go once the ROW made it over to Cranberry. After the mine shut down in 1930 they may not have done a lot of ballast work on the RR, but there were plenty of tailings to be had even after the mine was closed for the RR and for the highways.

Don't know anything about brands and types of switch stands, but here's a great photo of one on the cover of a Stemwinder here...

This photo was from 1950, so someone much more knowledgeable about such matters may know if they used a different type in the early days. The one in this photo at Elk Park scales out to be right at 6 ft tall. Once again, there may have been other stands that were different....don't know.

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On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 07:49:48 -0700, "Chris Jessee via" <cj8n@...> wrote:
Does anyone know what type & size of switch stands were used on the ET?  
Any suggestions for sources for HO scale switch stands?  I plan on using PECO switches with no motors and just hand flip them as most switches will be accessible. 

What color and coarseness of ballast would be appropriate for the ET? 
Any suggestions of manufacturer that makes a good match?

Thank you, 
Chris Jessee

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