Re: The signature flower boxes at The Linville Depot.

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From: Tom Grabenstein <tomgmd@...>
Date: 7/4/20 4:42 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [ETWNC] The signature flower boxes at The Linville Depot.

You cannot have a model of the Linville Depot without their signature flower boxes. Here they are in O scale with scale dirt and flowers.

Not sure what flowers these are. JTT models calls them “O scale Roses.” My wife informs me you cannot grow roses in flower boxes. Mr Chris Ford was hoping for pansies……. so maybe. Or perhaps these are carnations?? Anyway they are flowers and are in flower boxes.

I think it was quite classy of the ET& WNC to put flower boxes on their rustic Depot in Linville. These little details did require 13 individual parts, for each box, to construct including their supports.

Thanks for looking. Dr. Tom

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