Re: New Restaurant in Boone with ETWNC theme

John Overman

How can I get in contact with them? I may have some things I'd be willing to donate. 


John Overman

On Thu, Jul 2, 2020, 10:23 PM Lee Davis via <> wrote:
Hi All,
I'm a newbie and this is my first post on the ETWNC group.
My membership application has been sent, so I'm hoping I'm not breaking any rules!!!.
There's a new restaurant in Boone located near the old depot looking for ETWNC memorabilia.
It's called Howard Station and they have just started to collect items for display.
The owners are young and struggling with this pandemic, but have a sincere interest in the RR history in the area.
If any of you would consider loaning them any ETWNC memorabilia, full credit would be displayed with the item.
They are particularly interested in building a Garden Scale ETWNC layout and any other items, pictures, maps, that could be hung or displayed on the walls.
Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.
This is a great opportunity to share our passion for the little RR we so love and ignite interest from others that are not aware of our ETWNC history or hobby.
A HUGE thanks to Chris Ford and Ken Anderson for the wonderful items they have already donated and loaned.
Let me know your thoughts!

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