New Downloads on my site

Chris Ford

Hey all,

Just a note to let you know that I've dropped the price of the "20 Years of the Stemwinder" and the "ET&WNC Aerial Photos" collections. I've also made them downloadable from my site. No shipping cost, nothing lost in the mail, no CD to keep up with, and best of all...instant gratification!

Back when these were first done everyone had CD drives on their computers and not much bandwidth. Now nobody has a CD drive anymore but has plenty of bandwidth. Go figure.

Anyway, anyone looking to get the Stemwinder or the Aerial Photos will no longer have to wait for me or the mail. PayPal and download immediately. The files are about 600 MB for each one so it'll take a few minutes to download, but then you have it.

Nothing new added to the collections, but if the price kept you away before or you just never got them because it was too much trouble, now's your chance. Thanks for looking!

Anyone interested can find them on my site at...
If anyone runs into ANY trouble with anything in the ordering process not working as it should, please holler!

Y'all have a good weekend. Enjoy!


Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

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