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Chris Ford

Lee, your little store/station reminded me of this actual store on the outskirts of Shell Creek. I had admired this little structure for its scale and "modelability" over the years...

As much as I'd like to think of this little building as having been a contemporary to the railroad, this little gem was built sometime after Hwy 19E was re-routed to its present location. The railroad was a short distance behind where this building was later built. Photos from 1953 show that the original 19E in this area was still on Buck Creek Road, to the north across the fields. Not sure when 19E was straightened and improved in this area, but that would date the building. Maybe someone from there could let us know. Although it dates to after the railroad was gone the building has the feel of a little store that could have been in business on the original highway when the railroad ran. Sorry for the ramble, but your structure looked so much like this one I just had to reminisce about it.

Unfortunately, as always seems to happen with abandoned wooden structures, here's what it looked like in 2011...

Keep up the good work Lee, we need more models of these little "hot" spots along the railroad!


Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

On Tue, 02 Jun 2020 10:25:02 -0700, "Lee Bishop" <leebishop1944@...> wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
The gas station/store was put into place last night on the layout. First, I had to remove the old structure, then change the ground around it. It was a much larger ‘footprint’ and I decided to change the gravel area around it, as previously I’d used much too coarse gravel. I stripped it down with a caulking knife, smeared white glue all over the area, then scattered small gravel around. It’s a clean surface right now, so eventually I’ll be adding little stuff here and there. Things like oil stains and the like. As the glue was drying, I created a set of ruts in the gravel, and it dried like that, alongside the store. I was happy with that result.
I needed to put down a base for the gas pump and the front roof supports, so I had painted a section of styrene, and scraped equal segments. With the paint already dried, I added small lines of glue along those seams/cracks and put ground foam on that to show grass popping up. Eventually, I’ll add ground foam around the edge. When I added the gravel base, I recessed the ‘concrete’ into that and now that it’s dried, it does not look like it was just sat in place.
I almost held my breath the entire time I drilled a hole through the floor, through which to run the wires for the interior lights. I used a large bit but drilled very slowly. It all worked out well, and I also added figures inside while I was waiting for the scenery glue to dry. The original structure was close to the road, and this one is much further back, leaving a larger area on which I can park wheeled vehicles. 
One funny thing I noticed when I looked at the lighting on with the room dark, the roof is partially translucent! Two thick sheets of styrene and a layer of paint and weathering powers wasn’t enough. I guess I’ll have to paint in the inside of the ceiling black, but I don’t do night ops, so there’s no burning hurry for that…
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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