Re: ET-inspired area structure

Lee Bishop

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!
The gas station/store was put into place last night on the layout. First, I had to remove the old structure, then change the ground around it. It was a much larger ‘footprint’ and I decided to change the gravel area around it, as previously I’d used much too coarse gravel. I stripped it down with a caulking knife, smeared white glue all over the area, then scattered small gravel around. It’s a clean surface right now, so eventually I’ll be adding little stuff here and there. Things like oil stains and the like. As the glue was drying, I created a set of ruts in the gravel, and it dried like that, alongside the store. I was happy with that result.
I needed to put down a base for the gas pump and the front roof supports, so I had painted a section of styrene, and scraped equal segments. With the paint already dried, I added small lines of glue along those seams/cracks and put ground foam on that to show grass popping up. Eventually, I’ll add ground foam around the edge. When I added the gravel base, I recessed the ‘concrete’ into that and now that it’s dried, it does not look like it was just sat in place.
I almost held my breath the entire time I drilled a hole through the floor, through which to run the wires for the interior lights. I used a large bit but drilled very slowly. It all worked out well, and I also added figures inside while I was waiting for the scenery glue to dry. The original structure was close to the road, and this one is much further back, leaving a larger area on which I can park wheeled vehicles. 
One funny thing I noticed when I looked at the lighting on with the room dark, the roof is partially translucent! Two thick sheets of styrene and a layer of paint and weathering powers wasn’t enough. I guess I’ll have to paint in the inside of the ceiling black, but I don’t do night ops, so there’s no burning hurry for that…
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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