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William Uffelman

Need a couple of guys playing checkers on the porch and a bystander watching. Hound dog sleeping too.

Looks good.

Bill Uffelman

On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 4:50 PM, Lee Bishop
<leebishop1944@...> wrote:
While not an actual structure along the ET&WNC, I thought some of you could appreciate it anyway. This O scale store is to replace the Woodland Scenics structure I have had on the layout since it was just plywood. And to be fair, it’s a lot like that structure. I liked it, but most of the other structures I have are scratch built, so this (slightly modified) pre-built always felt like a cheat to me.
I made this with sheet styrene I already had on hand, and I then designed the building on paper, inspired (though hardly re-creating) a small wood gas station at Carter, TN, along Stoney Creek road. It will represent the Grindstaff store at Sadie (of which, no photos are known to exist).
The only things missing are the Texaco sign and post (will be made from photos of an excellent condition original round brand sign), the gas pump itself (from a Wiseman models kit) and some figures (which I have, just haven’t placed yet).
The interior wallpaper was done from a single printed sheet I bought off eBay a long time ago. I scanned it, put the trim and wallpaper together on the computer, and then printed enough sheets to cover these walls. I placed them before the walls were assembled with the floor. I have since added a few wartime signs, including a “don’t share secrets” one right next to the phone, where you’d expect it during the war. The floor board pattern is also printed.
Most other parts are either resin, plastic or metal castings. I made the counter myself (it really needs a cash register and some items scattered on top).
The signs were found online and printed onto photo paper. I was especially glad to finally find a pre-war Pet Milk sign, and that went on around the corner so viewers of the layout can really see it. On trips to the area growing up, I saw Pet Milk signs and products in every store we saw, so I had to have that. The other brands, I found notations that they were sold in the area, as well. I’m still looking for an ad push bar for the screen door, for a local brand of some type. As for the screen door, that is a Grandt Line casting with veil material I bought at an art supply store (it even was the right color), placed behind.
I had to model the windows in an open position so people can catch glimpses inside when it’s lit. I’m going to run a yellow-tint LED inside, run off my WS ‘plug and play’ lighting system. There is an electrical junction box modelled on the outside, and the current single power line on the layout will tie into it, making it the only electrically lit structure seen on the layout (as the rural electrification act is still about 5 years away and only buildings along Stoney Creek Road had power back then).
Anyway, I hope you like it!
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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