Re: Mock-up structures at Cranberry


Wow, that is going to be spectacular!

On May 15, 2020, at 8:16 AM, Dean Smith <smithfive@...> wrote:

I haven't actually constructed my Cranberry buildings yet, but Doc Tom asked if I had plans for my space, so I thought I would post photos of the mock-ups I have done for the Cranberry buildings. I don't visualize well, so it's really important for me to mock something up before actually investing in materials and time. It was necessary to selectively compress everything, but I hope I captured the essence of the scene.  I am happy with the operation, and the role of Cranberry Yard Master is a busy one during operating sessions. I also added ITT sound modules for the water tank and the ore concentrator, which are pretty neat.  Not sure when I'll get the buildings done, but I already own the Cranberry Store Kit and have an order in for the Depot, so they may be built sooner than later.  Thanks for looking.

<Pump house.jpg>
<Engine house.jpg>
<Mine complex.jpg>
<Ore concentrator.jpg>
<Town area.jpg>
<Long view.jpg>
<Long view.jpg>

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