Re: A Chestnut Tree before the blight.

Dean Smith

Beautiful job!  When I hiked the AT three years ago, I saw so many chestnut sprouts growing out of stumps. So sad.  I know there is an attempt to cross an American Chestnut with the Chinese Chestnut to make a hybrid that can survive the blight.  I saw a small grove of these experimental trees on the trail.  Is the model a natural growth or an armature?  You did a great job on it.  BTW, my Linville station is also a cardboard mock-up until I can get around to building the actual structure. I have an old Webster Scale Models kit in HO that includes cedar shingles by Evergreen Hill Designs for the siding.  It looks like it should work well in HO.  I don’t know if such a product is available for O scale.   

Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2020 6:26 PM
Subject: [ETWNC] A Chestnut Tree before the blight.
Here's a little more to add to the story of the little railroad in the Blue Ridge.

A chestnut tree at Linville on the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Rail Road in the early 1920’s before the chestnut blight wiped out these magnificent trees in the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge. Chestnut bark siding was used to cover several structures in Linville including the ET&WNC depot.

Now to find a suitable product to recreate this siding for the depot (in foam board mock up in the picture). Any ideas?????

Thanks for looking. Doc Tom

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