Re: WP&Y fire photos

Lee Bishop

Why did they get scrapped?
That’s a good question.
Given this occurred well after the tide of the war turned against the Japanese and they were no longer a threat to the west coast (and the ALCAN highway and CANOL pipeline projects were complete by then), I guess the Army decided it wasn’t worth the effort to get two engines running again. Keep in mind, they had several Army class S118 2-8-2s, the WP&Y engines from before the war, and several D&RGW K-28s on the line by then. The former ET&WNC Baldwin ten-wheelers were the only of their type on the line. Maybe the “B” company of the 770th Railway Operating Battalion was happy to be rid of two dissimilar class locomotives to worry about.
10 and 14 were put away somewhere until the end of the war, shipped down to Seattle when the Army turned over the line back to the WP&Y. They both wound up at the Northern Pacific yard at Auburn, WA and were both scrapped there sometime in 1946.
One photo clearly shows #10 as the number plate is still attached to the smoke box door. That means the plate is likely still around, maybe hanging on the back of some cabin door in the Yukon somewhere. Man, what any of us would give to find that! Photos of both engines in the scrap line at Auburn show the number and builder plates already gone, so someone yanked them off somewhere along the way.
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

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