Re: Little People come to Linville. With the help of the ET&WNC RR.

Mark Lewis

The figures look great, Dr.Tom.

Mark Lewis 
Narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 9:12 PM Tom Grabenstein <tomgmd@...> wrote:
I thought I would switch tracks this week and make some little people to populate the Linville LDE.

I started with everyone's favorite “Tweetsie” engineer, Mr. Sherman Pippin.

Shapeways 3-D printing makes a very nice rendition of this iconic figure. With paint, paint washes, and dry brushing I created my model of Mr. Pippin.

I did not want to stop with Mr. P and have attempted a recreation of Mr. Cy Crumley, a beloved conductor on the ET&WNC RR. Here are Messers Pippin and Crumley posing in classic railroad photos with two friends from Germany Helga and Heidi (Orange plastic Preiser figures with paint jobs.).

Shapeways was nice enough to make a working man Mr Pippin shoveling coal.So I put him to work.

The story goes that Mr. Pippin, always a kind gentleman, offered to shovel coal for Fireman Fred when his back was out. All Fred had to do was drive the locomotive. Sherman did holler some instructions to Fred above the noise of the panting locomotive.

Thanks for looking. Doc Tom

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