Re: Foam core mockup for the depot at Linville on the Ea

William Uffelman

Good stuff Dr. Tom!

Bill Uffelman 

On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:35 PM, Tom Grabenstein
<tomgmd@...> wrote:

Ever since I've been a model railroader I have read about foam core mockups for scratch built models. Despite being in the hobby some 40 years this was the first time I have actually done this. What I had read was this is a good way to see if structures actually would fit the model railroad. And in O scale this is extremely important as the buildings and structures can be overwhelming.

So here is a foamcore mockup of the depot at Linnville on the ET and WNC railroad. I am getting closer to the look in the old prototype picture.

What I found was that the roof overhangs fouled locomotives on the track behind the station. I'm actually fudging history a bit as there was no track behind the station and only a dirt road. But I wanted a team track and it was on Ian Rice’s track plan as well. So I had to trim the roof overhang in the back so as not to decapitate the engineer on Number 12.

I lucked up as this is the only adjustment I had to make to fit the depot in between 2 railroad tracks. For sure clearance is tight but it looks like everything is coming together.

Next up will be a mock up of the hip roof. And then it's on to purchasing styrene and castings to build this nifty little depot.

Thank you for looking. Doc Tom

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