Re: Narrow Gauge calendar from White River

Tom Grabenstein

Congratulations Lee! What a nice honor. Dr. Tom

On Jan 9, 2020, at 12:48 PM, Lee Bishop <leebishop1944@...> wrote:

Thanks, guys.
My first reaction (after the surprise) was, "Well, the Johnson City guys know of my work now"
My wife's reaction was, "Why isn't there a check in that box?" I had to explain that this was a photo I'd already sold them, for an article in the 2018 On30 annual, and she then understood they had the rights to it.
The funny thing was this morning, I took one to work and tacked it on my wall and immediately, someone came by and asked who would buy a calendar like that. I flipped it to my photo, pointed out my name and smugly said, "I don't pay for stuff my work is in."
His jaw hit the floor with a very loud thud!

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