WAS: [ETWNC] Cranberry Depot by CCK NOW O scale Models

Bill Miller

John Waite modeled the ET&WNC in Sn3.  John is no longer with us. There are four others who I know of or I have met. A short run of Boone Depot kits in S scale was done by Chris Jesse. To date no O scale kits other than the Deerfield Laser kits to retro fit the Bachmann On30 cars.  and a custom run of Hopper cars by another company. Western-Rails.com who 3-D prints body's for ET&WNC rolling stock in Nn3 and HOn3 is limited at this point to what will fit on a 7x7x7 print table. That could change by this summer with the purchase of a printer that can handle larger models. Under stand that an O scale car is longer , wider and taller using much more material and time on the printer than a HO scale size model and will cost 2 1/2 times or more as much.

Bill Miller

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Really, can anyone explain this to me? When I was building my layout, I wanted to build a Hampton covered bridge to cover the end of the 'staging' portion to hide the track just ends there. Turns out I didn't have room for it anyway, but someone makes it in S scale. Really? Does anyone model the ET&WNC in S scale?
Western Rails makes some excellent stuff, things I would for sure buy, but very little of it in O.
I can't think of a single ET&WNC structure kit made in O scale, either. Heck, if someone did a Bemberg depot kit in O, even though I have no room for one (and my layout theme wouldn't allow for it), I'd have to buy and build it just because!

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