Re: Electricity comes to Linville on the On30 ET&WNC RR

William Uffelman

New layout is coming along nicely and looks great!

Bill Uffelman

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 7:14 PM, Tom Grabenstein
<tomgmd@...> wrote:
                                                                                Juice for Linville

While not as glamorous as the number two spot working its way to the Linville interchange with a load of logs, electrical wiring is  extremely important on a model railroad.

With a foam sub roadbed on a shelf, there is very little depth to hide the jungle of wires so common in Model Rail Roads. The side profile is quite thin, at best 2 inches.

Working with the foam means the lightweight mountains, hillocks and hills can easily be removed.

The whole layout can then be turned up on its side to do the dirty, non glamorous work of electrical wiring.

The inexpensive “router” attachment for the hard working Dremel tool is used to cut grooves in the underside to a depth of a 1/2”.

Next the wiring is pushed in to the groove and secured using dabs of hot glue. “ Suit case” connectors make easy work of splicing in to the wires in the grooves.

After labelling the connectors that will go to the electronics box below the shelving the layout is brought back to place on the wire shelving and it is on to the more glamorous work of building the Linville LDE for the On30 East Tennessee and Western RR.

Thanks for looking. Hope this mini tutorial wasn’t too boring.Doc Tom

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