Re: More work on the On30 ET&WNC layout. The Linville LD

William Uffelman

Looking good sir.

Bill Uffelman 

On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 9:44 PM, Tom Grabenstein
<tomgmd@...> wrote:

On my On30 logging mini layout I used Blue Foam landforms in anticipation of this layout depicting the ET &WNC.

Even learned to carve the foam to look like rock strata by using the edge of a whirling dremel rotary sander.

So it was time to put those experiences to work on this latest project.

First the profiles of the mountains and hills on the Linville LDE were smoothed out using a Surefoam tool.

Rock was carved using the trusty Dremel. The first layers of forest ground cover were made up using latex paints and a variety of ground foams.

Unlike the logger mini, set in wintertime, this mountain RR is set in glorious summer in the Blue Ridge. Next up will be the greens of ground cover and then the trees.

Thanks for looking.

Doc Tom

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