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Tom Grabenstein


This is a big big help! The article and track plans are great!! 

Also, thank you for your input regarding the small shed. I will try to model a small speeder in O scale to fit inside and be taken out from time to time.

I had read somewhere that it  was intentional to put this depot in an isolated area to give the travelers and tourists the sensation of arriving in a totally natural setting and then having the short drive over to the Lodge. Might also have helped local businesses provide transportation services to and from the lodge.

As I scratchbuild the depot I will need to take a look at the original one over in Newland. 

Thanks again for all your help on this project.

Dr Tom

On Oct 5, 2019, at 11:05 AM, Chris Ford <chris@...> wrote:

Tom and all,

I'll post a link to the 3-2 1990 Issue of the Stemwinder where John and I had a few photos of Linville and a map (early map for me) of the Linville track plan. Since that map did not show the part of town where the Eseeola is located, I'll post a cropped piece of my wall map that shows the hotel and roads around that area. You should be able to download and enlarge this PDF as much as you want to see detail. You'll be able to see how you would have gotten to the Hotel from where the Depot was originally located. It wasn't close

The gray dashed line road just east of the depot was the original road with a nice cast concrete bridge (of which there are still some remains in place) that would be a nice addition to a layout for anyone who would model the river. That part of the road was bypassed somewhere around 1970 when the state widened and straightened that part of 181, necessitating the demolition or moving of the Depot (a store converted to a home at the time). Luckily of us the home was moved to Grape Street and lived in for many years. Long story short, though the efforts of many people and the Society it ended up restored back to its Depot glory days and now resides next to the courthouse in Newland.

That shed, for what I know about it, was a RR storage shed very likely for a speeder as it had wood "flooring" from the shed over to the track to facilitate hauling something out of the shed to the track.

Have fun!

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

On Sat, 5 Oct 2019 09:09:38 -0500, "Tom Grabenstein" <tomgmd@...> wrote:
Hello Bill,


I too have studied photograph number two and noticed  the switch and wondered where it went. You are giving me valuable information. I wondered if you could post a copy of that 1916 valuation map? I've looked all over the Internet to find the track plan for Linville Depot with no luck.


I also wondered what the little shed was used for? It looks like it had frequent visitors as there is a crude wooden grade crossing in front of it. Could this have been an outhouse?  Was it for track maintenance storage?


I will be modeling both the water tank and the shed in addition to the depot and any information you or others may have rather is greatly appreciated. 


Also roadways leading to the hotel and “to town” ……..any info available?


Thanks in advance.


Dr Tom

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