Re: More work on the Linville layout design element(LDE)

Tom Grabenstein

Hello Bill,

I too have studied photograph number two and noticed  the switch and wondered where it went. You are giving me valuable information. I wondered if you could post a copy of that 1916 valuation map? I've looked all over the Internet to find the track plan for Linville Depot with no luck.

I also wondered what the little shed was used for? It looks like it had frequent visitors as there is a crude wooden grade crossing in front of it. Could this have been an outhouse?  Was it for track maintenance storage?

I will be modeling both the water tank and the shed in addition to the depot and any information you or others may have rather is greatly appreciated. 

Also roadways leading to the hotel and “to town” ……..any info available?

Thanks in advance.

Dr Tom

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