Re: More work on the Linville layout design element(LDE)

Mark Lewis


Wow...your progress and thoroughness is amazing. Looking forward to more updates.

Mark Lewis
narrow gauge modeling in N.C.

On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 9:44 PM Tom Grabenstein <tomgmd@...> wrote:

I've had a little more time to work on the Linnville LD E.

This is what I'm shooting for in the next few months:

I placed the 1:1 track plan on the blue foam shelf layout. I used the turnout templates from PECO and pushpins to trace out the track lines.

I then connected all the little dots with a sharpie pen and then had an outline of the track and turnouts.

I also used the same technique to map out the roads and geographic outlines of hills and railroad crossings.

It looks like the On30 models of ET&WNC narrow gauge rolling stock will fit nicely.

Next I cut out Blue foam forms for the foothills that surrounded the Linville Depot. They are stacked like wedding cake and will receive carving of rocks and sculptamold ground covering soon.

You can get a good idea of how the nearby logging lines will connect to the Linnville LDE.

Thanks for looking. All ideas, critiques and input greatly appreciated. Dr. Tom

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