Re: Every Time With No Complaint Vol 11

Chris Ford

Thanks for the update Matt.

We're looking forward to this latest issue....sounds like a great one!


Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

On Wed, 18 Sep 2019 22:06:53 -0400, "matt bumgarner" <matt@...> wrote:
The society’s magazine “Every Time with No Complaint” was sent to the printer today, and it is a WHOPPER, coming in at just under 100 pages (not a typo).
In my decade-plus of laying out the magazine, I have never made a comment on any issue. However, this is a special issue. Information-wise, it is one of the most significant magazines ever published for the society.
It is not so much train or even railroad-centric, but focuses on the ET&WNC Transportation Company. Johnny Graybeal, always a great researcher, has really outdone himself and has put together a cornerstone text and narrative in the history of this railroad. Seriously, it will be a reference for years to come.
I am not going to give much away, but Johnny does one heckuva job weaving the the history of the decline of passenger service; the rise of bus, truck, and road competition; how the railroad responded with the Jitney, with TOFC and ultimately the truck/bus company, even weaving in how the motorcars came about. 
We hope you like the issue as much we did putting it together.
Matt Bumgarner

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