On3 decals are announced

Jim King <jking@...>

Hi all,

I just received pricing for the ET&WNC On3 38' flat car kit decals.
Retail price is $7.50 per set, postpaid. They are printed by an ALPS
printer on thin-film decal paper. If you've never seen the comparison
between silk screened decals and the laser printed version by ALPS, this
set will really open your eyes. No ragged edges ... white is really
white, not transparent ... and 2" characters even in HO scale are still

There are enough characters per decal set to letter 1 1/2 cars so you've
got plenty of spares. Also, the set will correctly letter all of the
ET's flats, regardless of length (I'm getting ready for the 32 footers
later this year!).

Since first announcing the flat car kit, I've decided to offer a kit
version that includes decals as well. Here are the three kit options
and related pricing:

Kit no. ET-48F1 ... complete kit w/ trucks, couplers and decals ... $65
Kit no. ET-48F2 ... includes trucks & couplers, no decals ... $59 each
Kit no. ET-48F3 ... basic kit (no trucks, couplers or decals) ... $49

Shipping per order is still $5.50

For those of you who've already paid for your kits, I will include
decals at no additional charge ... just let me know by email or snail
mail if you want decals for each kit.

Thanks for supporting this new kit.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works

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