Re: "Jesus saves" rocks?

Chris Ford

It's not the same wording, but I shot a photo of this one in 2002...

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society

On Mon, 06 May 2019 16:07:10 -0700, "Lee Bishop" wrote:
I was thinking of including a O scale "Jesus Saves" rock on my layout on the side of Stoney Creek Road, as mentioned in the "Tweetsie Country" book when it occurred to me that I've never seen (or even heard) of such a thing in that area, other than the mention in that book and a crude drawing of one.
How common were these really? I didn't know the area until the 70s when I was a kid but I never saw even a faded message like that long a road (but countless "See Rock City" and other types of 'ghost' barn paintings from decades before).
Does anyone know if this really was a common 'thing' in the region back then? I model the 40s, if this was ever a thing, was it earlier than that?
Lee Bishop

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