Re: Our Town in the Movies: Scenes from Hampton,Tennessee circa 1940

David Pressley

The Queen City Trailways Bus bound for Charlotte too. How cool is that? 


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I love this stuff!

With the speculation on when the movie(s) were shot I thought it deserved some additonal sleuthing. I guess we don't know if these movies were all shot at the same time, but it does look like they could have been from about the same general time frame.

I know the "new" 19E highway bridges at tunnel 1 were built "around" 1941 and they looked "brand spanking new" in the film. I also wondered if the school scenes were shot because of some important date, maybe the first day of school? The foliage in the outdoor scenes looked like it could have been late summer/early fall and there was a football scrimage so that fits with early in the school year.

Checking through the footage I found one calendar on the wall (girls in a classroom) and while you can't read the month or year, the month shown had many letters (like September) and more importantly had 30 days, which leads me to speculate that it was either September or November. The foliage in the outdoor scenes looks late-summer green so I don't think it was November. The calendar was on a month that started on Sunday, so if it was September then the only year in the vicinity of the early 40s where September started on Sunday was 1940.

The weather, the clothing, the cars, the bridges, school and the calendar all lead me to guess it's September of 1940. If it was September of 1940 then it was not long after the "flood".


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Watch “Our Town in the Movies: Scenes from Hampton,Tennessee circa 1940” on Vimeo: ref=em-share 

Some cool stuff in here, not enough railroad though! But what great film. 
Rae Augenstein 
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