Re: A scratch built "Tweetsie" hopper car and some questions.

Ken Riddle

Lampblack, linseed oil, and japan drier was the railroad recipe.

On Apr 17, 2019, at 9:17 PM, Tom Grabenstein <tomgmd@...> wrote:

Hello  Fellow Fans of the ETWNC,

I hope this finds you well and anticipating a joyous Easter. My model  railroad friend, Bill Nelson, and I have just completed a scratchbuilt “Tweetsie” Hopper car for my future On30 layout. Here are a few pictures of the model in primer gray.

Well, now I have some questions for you good people. What is the prototype color of these cars in 1920 – 1923? Prototype pictures done in black-and-white appear to show a Black or very dark gray external paint job.

What do you all think? Should the next paint be black??

As a second followup question,any ideas where to get decals for these cars in the ET&WNC livery in “O” scale?

Thank you in advance for any information you could provide. It is appreciated.

Please have a blessed and peaceful Easter!

Doc Tom

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