Re: A question about road bed.

johnny graybeal

I have looked at all the ICC data on the ET&WNC/Linville River. The ET&WNC in the teens and twenties had a very good roadbed. None of the regional railroads at that time had the high ballast that we see today. The mine at Cranberry was cranking out a lot of ore, and tons and tons of tailings. The railroad used these tailings to have a very good roadbed. The ICC inspector in 1916 said the roadbed was comparable to any SG RR in the region. 
Most of the photos you see show the 30s and the 40s. This was after the Depression reduced maintenance crews to a minimum, and weeds were allowed to encroach. I agree with what others say. Use good ballast between the ties but not nearly as much at the ends. Remember however, that Iron ore tailings were black so the ballast needs to be fine, and dark in color to be prototypical. If you have any questions, contact me directly. I am trying to finish the next issue of the magazine and wont be checking email that often.
Johnny Graybeal

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