ET&WNC #210 on the prowl.

Tom Grabenstein

Hello ET& WNC enthusiasts,

While I am planning an On30 layout paying homage to the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad I wanted to dabble in some modeling of it on our HO  club here in Clarksville Tennessee.

I really enjoy this picture of locomotive number 210 probably after the swap for the steam engines to the Southern Railroad.

So I got a RS 3 locomotive off eBay and painted it black with some weathering and lettered it for our favorite railroad.
Here it is earning its keep on the Clarksville Model Railroad HO layout.

Why it even went so far as to wander in to the Nashville rail yard hauling a coal train.

I haven’t figured out how to do the cool white and gold stripe (pre brillant orange stripe of later years) yet. Anybody know some good custom model painters?

Thanks for looking.

Doc Tom

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